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You need an SEO focused website!

There are dozens of companies that would like to design a website for you. Some employ very talented artists. Some can create a website for your Sacramento business that is very beautiful. But, will that website help you reach customers? If that beautiful website doesn't help you reach the front page of Google, it won't make you money.

My name is Julie Gallaher, and I am the owner of Get on the Map.  I know about SEO and I can prove it.  Go to Google and type in Sacramento Social Media Consultant.  Can you find me?  How about Sacramento Search Engine Optimization?  Try Sacramento Reputation Management?  I have over 100 first page results on Google and with the right web site, search engine optimization and social media, you'll be able to say the same.

This is not the real website for our business, Get on the Map Local Search Marketing. On our real site we've done branding and logos, we've geo-located so we come up at the top of the Google results. We've got coordinating social media accounts that tie our website to all of the popular social media profiels.  The purpose of this website is to give you an example of one of the layouts available on our favorite wordpress theme,

This is one of several examples we have created to show you easy options of attractive websites that will rank in the search results.

Mobile Optimized

More and more people are using their smart phone or tablet as their principle computer. Have you ever tried searching for a business while on the go? Was the most important information easy to find?

Go to your smart phone. Type in  Is all the most important information immediately accessible?  Why not give me a call right now!

Built-in Facebook Page

Our websites also come with a built-in Facebook page. If you've wondered how to best connect with the 700 million plus who communicate via Facebook, you'll be well on your way. Go to Facebook, type in Sacramento Recommended in to the search bar and see how our website looks incorporated in to a Facebook Business Page.

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Here's a marketing tip to help you get your web site at the top of the Sacramento results. The homepage for your optimized web site should be about 300 words. Don't forget to make it keyword rich and include a call to action.  Don't make the mistake of having an all flash home page - You'll never show up on the iPhone or iPad!