Experienced Small Business Marketers

Ten years ago, you didn’t need a website. Five years ago you did.

Five years ago you didn’t need a web strategy, having a website was enough. Three years ago you needed a web strategy incorporating search engine marketing.

Three years ago you didn’t need social media. Today you need it all: a strong web strategy that incorporates search engine optimization to get you to the top of Google, online videos to showcase your business and a social media communication program on Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn.

Do you believe that the internet is going to become less important in the next 6 months to a year?

Search for me, Julie Gallaher, or my company, Get on the Map, on Google. Notice how strong my search presence is?

At Get on the Map Local Search Marketing, we know that your primary concern, day in and day out, is making payroll.  You need a web site and marketing program that works for you.  It can’t be so complicated that you work for it!

Here is some information about social media workshops and classes I have offered.

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