Non-Profit Sacramento Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center Celebrates Over 50 Years of Service

For over half a century, River City Recovery Center, a non-profit 501c3, has treated thousands of men and women dealing with alcohol and drug dependency. With their residential treatment facilities as well as their transitional/sober living facilities, River City relies on social model recovery methods, utilizing 12-step recovery principles. 

Virtually all of the counselors working at River City have gone through residential treatment themselves and well over 90% are graduates of the River City Recovery program. As a result, the primary emphasis becomes the shared experience of addiction and recovery, as that between staff and residents as well as between the individual residents themselves.

Through group and individual counseling, residents receive an intensive education on the physical, psychological, social and spiritual effects of alcoholism and chemical dependency. River City has developed a thorough curriculum that includes the medical implications of substance abuse, emotional and spiritual recovery, relapse prevention, anger management, family aspects and goal setting. 

Kurt von Geldern, Executive Director of River City Recovery - Sacramento Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center

Kurt von Geldern, Executive Director of River City Recovery – Sacramento Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center

A volunteer board member since 1999, Kurt von Geldern, himself in recovery, took over the reigns of Executive Director in June of 2013, and has implemented changes that have improved the efficiency and effectiveness of the organization.
“When somebody goes through our program and is returned to their families and/or loved ones, that is the biggest validation for our mission here, and personally, and it’s the best part of what I do. It makes what I do so worthwhile.”
–Kurt von Geldern/Executive Director

Most non-profit organizations put 50% of incoming dollars back into their organization. River City, as a model for others, puts 84% of those dollars back into the organization. Where well-known “silver spoon” recovery centers can cost tens of thousands of dollars, River City offers effective, affordable treatment at a fraction of the cost. By comparison, River City’s private rate pay is $3,500 per month.

River City receives funding from the County’s AOD program as well as Drug Court and CPS. They also contract with Kaiser’s Chemical Dependency Recovery Program as well as the V.A., serving a large portion of homeless vets with drug and alcohol issues.

In recent months, due to the successes they’ve seen with their clients, Kaiser is now sending referrals from as far away from Fresno, Oakland and Vallejo, and the monthly caseload from the V.A. at River City has nearly doubled.

River City operates their women’s residential treatment program in a large, early twentieth-century home in the historic midtown neighborhood of Sacramento. Their men’s facility is located in a rural setting, on a 15-acre ranch on the outskirts of Galt, CA.
In order to provide a safe, structured, low-cost living environment for those who have completed treatment and are preparing to return to family and society, River City offers three transitional/sober living facilities in midtown Sacramento. There are separate homes for men and for women.

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