Oak Park Arch

Oak Park Business Association To Recreate Historic Gateway Arch

Oak Park Original arch with street cars
Oak Park Original arch with street cars
In a continuance of their ongoing community improvement activities, as well as promoting their Triangle District commercial corridor, the Oak Park Business Association announced today that they have begun the process to recreate the historic Oak Park Gateway Arch. (Please see attachment of images and drawings)

The original Oak Park arch heralds the dates 1889, which indicate the establishment of Oak Park, Sacramento’s first suburb, and 1903, the year the original arch was built. The new arch will keep the 1889 date and replace the 1903 date with 2015.

“Rebuilding the Oak Park Gateway Arch is so symbolic of what the OPBA has been working on since its inception: Rebuilding the Oak Park Business District, with respect for its rich history, and building a vibrant, unique and eclectic destination spot within the city.” –Stuart Eldridge, Board President/Oak Park Business Association

Oak Park Arch Proposed
Oak Park Arch Proposed
The new arch will be about ¾ of the size of the original, which was located at the terminus of the J Street trolley line. It was made of wood and was, in effect, the front entrance to the beloved Joyland amusement park. The arch will be erected at 35th Street and 5th Avenue, using modern materials such as steel and LED light instead of wood and incandescent bulbs, and will now be the edifice that invites people into the revitalized McClatchy Park.

The arch is part of the McClatchy Park Master Plan, which itself includes a small tribute to Joyland and the original arch. Much of the credit for the success of that substantial project goes to Jay Schenirer, City Councilman for Sacramento’s District 5.

“The Oak Park Business Association has been a committed partner in improving the community. Bringing back the arch to McClatchy Park is an important and symbolic step towards the revitalization of this park and the neighborhood. I applaud OPBA for spearheading this effort.“
–Councilmember Jay Schenirer.

The parts of the arch that light up at night will be solar powered. This, and other design elements have been submitted to the City for review.

“The community is excited about bringing back this iconic structure. It’s symbolic of the Oak Park Business Association’s goal to revitalize the Triangle District commercial corridor and the surrounding neighborhood.” –Terre Johnson, Executive Director/Oak Park Business Association

The Oak Park Business Association is financing the construction as well as looking for supportive funding. The construction on the arch begins at completion of the city’s review.Oak Park Arch - Architectural Drawings